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Auditing Existing COLI Plans for Credit Unions

At Acumen Insurance Solutions, we like to say that we “put life insurance to work.” One way that we do this is by auditing existing COLI plans for credit unions. Here, Scott B. Hinkle, J.D., CFP, and Principal at Acumen Insurance Solutions, talks about:

  • The benefits and popularity of COLI within credit unions
  • The importance of reviewing these policies regularly

Let’s dive in.

Credit Unions Using COLI

Many credit unions currently use credit union-owned life insurance as a mechanism to offset benefit expenses under Section 20. This asset class is a tried and true way in which credit unions can achieve several objectives.

These assets are safe, liquid, and they’re producing a meaningful rate of return. However, many credit unions do not review these contracts regularly, meaning that they are likely leaving money on the table. This is where we come in at Acumen.

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Improving Credit Union-Owned Life Insurance (COLI) Performance

So, why do you need to audit existing COLI plans? Improving an existing COLI portfolio can mean:

  • Reducing risk, and
  • Significantly improving earnings over time

It’s important to recognize that over the years, life insurance contracts have evolved, become more efficient, and offer different features and benefits.

In fact, innovation, automation, negotiation, and increased life expectancies have improved the competitiveness of many life insurance contracts. Today’s policies are vastly different even compared to those purchased by credit unions just a few years ago.

This considered, it makes sense for every institution to periodically take a look at their existing credit union-owned life insurance contracts.

How We Help at Acumen

At Acumen Insurance Solutions, we help credit unions analyze and update their existing COLI portfolios to maximize efficiencies and yields.

As your credit union grows in size, so does the opportunity for you to invest in new credit union-owned life insurance. We can help you curate new life insurance contracts that are far more efficient than others available in the marketplace today.

Read on to learn more about why CUOLI is the best “otherwise impermissible investment” for your credit union.